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The Opus XVI
Vegan & vegetar

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Vegan and vegetarian

Onion consommé

Onion in textures, mousse, consommé and espuma served with a mushroom tartlette

Contains – wheat

Panfried squash

Served with a hazelnut crust, aubergine and garlic cream

Contains – hazelnuts, sulphites

Slowroasted celeriac

Served with winter truffles and a herb cream sauce

Contains – sulphites

Goat cheese from Myrdal Gård

Cheese flavoured with truffle seaweed served with ovenbaked carrot and carrotpuré  flavoured with cumin.

Contains – milk

Raspberry souffle

Served with raspberry ripple ice cream and pistachio crumble

Contains – egg, milk, wheat, pistachio

2 course – 425kr

4 course – 645kr

5 course – 695kr


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