Monday – Friday: 6:30 AM to 10 AM
Saturday & Sunday: 07 Am to 11 AM

The Opus XVI
Breakfast Experience

Treat yourself to the wonderful feeling of being served today’s first cup of coffee or tea in a cozy setting.

Choose your favorite on the Opus XVI ‘s breakfast a la carte menu and enjoy a good start to the day.

NOK 250,- per person, children under 12 years NOK 150,- 

Bon appétit!

You can book a table online or send an email to We are also available on +47 53 01 22 00.

A la carte


Milk cooked porridge oats served with caramilised sugar and cinnamon

Contains: Oat, milk


Grilled Bønes bacon on toasted brioche with sliced avocado spinach and toasted sesame seeds

Contains: Wheat, egg, milk, sesame seeds

Smoked salmon

Locally smoked salmon served with scrambled eggs and toasted brioche

Contains: Wheat, fish, egg

Eggs Benedict

Classical late 1800`s dish consisting of Poached eggs and bacon from bønes gardsmat a local supplier with Hollandaise sauce on top of toasted brioche

Contains: Wheat, egg, milk

Classic english breakfast

Crispy Bønes bacon and sausages with black pudding, mushrooms,grilled tomato, baked beans and your choice of poached, scrambled or fried eggs

Contains: Egg

French toast

Homemade Brioche soaked in a sweet egg mix, served with fresh berries, jam, maple syrup and vanilla cream

Contains: Egg, wheat, milk

Vegan menu


Grilled vegan sausage on toasted bread with sliced avocado spinach and toasted sesame seeds

Contains: Wheat, milk, sesame seeds

Vegan english breakfast

Vegan sausages with mushrooms, grilled tomato, spinach and baked beans

Contains : No allergens

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