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Afternoon tea was invented in Britain in the early 1840s. Well known for her hunger, the Duchess of Bedford introduced the mid-day snack to fill the gap between lunch and supper.

Her ritual was to have a pot of tea, some bread and butter, and something sweet to finish off her meal. The Duchess found the meal so pleasant, that she decided to invite guests over to join her, which is the story behind the well known social gathering we today call Afternoon Tea.

In modern times, Afternoon Tea has evolved into a proper social feast, with finger sandwiches, sweets and a pot of freshly brewed tea. If you are feeling fancy it might also be accompanied with something bubbly!

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Afternoon Tea


The original version of Afternoon Tea consists of fingersandwiches, freshly baked scones with jams and clotted cream, cakes and sweets.

At Restaurant Opus 16, we serve your choice of sandwich menu and tea together with the cakes and pastries. We will then bake your scones to order to be as fresh as possible

Menu served with your choice of tea
NOK 575  (Sundays 675)

Upgrade with a glass of champagne
NOK 695 (Sundays 795)


Traditional finger sandwiches inspired by the original english afternoon tea served on white and dark bread.

  • Egg, mayonnaise and cress
  • Smoked ham from Bønes Gårdsmat with honey and mustard cream
  • Roast beef and horseradich cream
  • Smoked trout with cream cheese and dill


Open sandwiches on dark sourdough and wholegrain bread based on the Scandinavian concept smørbrød

  • Braised porc cheeks with carrot and onion
  • Poached salmon filet with grapefruit and aspargus
  • Roasted duck breast with cabbage and sour cream
  • Monkfish with wild garlic mayonnaise


A selection of open sandwiches on wholegrain and sourdough breads

  • Confit potato and braised leek
  • Roasted fennel and Salicornia
  • Deep fried white goat cheese croquette
  • Spiced lentils with roasted aubergine purée and chips

Tea menu

Upgraded teas

49 pr teapot (4 cups)


Our own selected blend of Assam Supérieur G.F.O.P and Thé des Mille Collines. Chai tea is rich and fragrant with hints of spices (cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and cloves). May serve with milk.


Strong pure black tea from India (Assam).

A whole-leaf tea and one that you can enjoy at any time of the day, preferably with a little milk.


Combination of the fresh and fruity energy of finger lime and the powerful fragrance of Calabrian bergamot gives this blend remarkable intensity in a new interpretation of a great classic.


Scented black teas with the aromas of vanilla and caramel. Ideal for lovers of warm, gourmet teas.


Black fruit tea with rhubarb and strawberry flavour. Always delicious, whether hot or chilled.


Spirited and spicy like a Parisian mademoiselle. Combined green tea, ginger with fruity, tangy flavors of lemon and passion fruit. A fresh and lively blend


Green tea with exotic fruits (lychee, grapefruit, peach, rose, and jasmine). A delicate fragrant green tea of fresh and fruity flowers.


Rooibos tea with passion fruit, peach, citrus and strawberry flavor. South-African rooibois leaves mixed with the sour taste of citrus fruits.


White tea with rose, apricot and passion fruit. A delicious well-balanced blend for a fresh and vegetal cup of tea.


A pleasant blend with a tea from Darjeeling and a second tea from Nilgiri. Large and long twisted leaves with green tips. A perfect afternoon tea around a praline pastry.


Originating from the Fujian province, these downy, silver-green tea pearls are handrolled, shoot by shoot. Blossoming on infusion, these tea pearls give a liquor with floral and almost animalistic notes. Brewed and served in glass tea pot.


Mild pure black tea from India (Darjeeling). This infusion is a well-balanced tea with a delicate taste of almond and ripe peaches.

Afternoon Tea

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