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Monday – Saturday 5pm – 10pm

You can book a table online or send an email to restaurant@opusxvi.no. We are also available on +47 53 01 22 00.


Rockefeller Oysters

Classical dish created in New Orleans in 1889 due to the shortage of Escargot and named after John D Rockefeller then Americas wealthiest man due to the richness of the dish.

Baked Oysters topped with butter, parsley and breadcrumbs

Contains: Mollusc, sulphite, wheat

60,- / a piece

Chestnut cream soup

Roasted chestnut cream soup served with pan fried bacon, mushrooms and spring onions

Contains: Milk


Ham hock terrine

Pressed terrine of smoked Ham hock with a prune and brandy compote, apple cream and toasted brioche bread

Contains: Mustard, wheat, egg


Smoked eel

Bergens Aquavit marinated smoked eel served with egg emulsion, crushed potatoes and caviar

Contains: Fish, sulphite,


Pinnekjøtt sausage

Pinnekjøtt sausage from Bønes Gårdsmåt lightly fried and served with onion marmalade, pickled swede salad



Oil baked salmon

Lightly cured and oil baked salmon served with roasted beetroots,
green pea cream and horseradish

Contains: Fish



Steamed halibut

Lightly steamed halibut filet topped with a roasted garlic and scallop mousse, served on buttered spinach with an almond beurre noisette

Contains: Fish, milk, egg


Roasted duck

Roasted duck breast with brussel sprouts, roasted pumpkin and spiced pumpkin puree, red wine and cumin sauce

Contains: Wheat, milk, sulphite



Scandinavian dried and salted white fish,
served with yellow and green pea stew, baby potatoes,
crispy bacon & mustard sauce

Contains: Milk, mustard, fish



Traditional Bergen dish of sugar & salt cured cod filet which has been pressed and lightly poached, served with egg, carrot, spinach & butter sauce

Contains: Milk, egg, fish



Traditional Norwegian Christmas dish supplied by Bønes Gardsmat, salted & dried sheep meat, served with swede puree, baby potatoes & “pinnefett”

Contains: Milk


Hampshire pork

Slow cooked Hampshire pork belly from Trondheim, apple, onion

braised red cabbage & brown sauce

Contains: Wheat, Milk



Cloudberry Mousse

Cloudberry mousse with “krumkake”and
aquavit cream

Contains: Milk, wheat, egg


Chocolate fondant

Chocolate fondant with baileys ice cream
and caramelized popcorn

Contains: Milk, wheat, egg



“Riskrem” with strawberry, cinnamon ice cream and
marinated raisins

Contains: Milk, egg



Stilton cream with plums & gingerbread

Contains: Egg, wheat, milk


Cheese trolley

A selection of Norwegian & international cheese from our trolley

Contains: Milk


Coffee & tea

Americano – 45,- 

Espresso – 36,- 

Café latte – 54,- 

Cappuccino – 48,- 

Macchiato – 45,- 

Cortado – 48,- 

Café mocca – 59,- 

Selection of tea – 39,- 

Press coffee small – 72,- 

Press coffee large – 92,- 

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