Opus 16

Hotel, restaurant and culture venue

As relatives of Edvard Grieg, our desire is to create a one of a kind experience – a classic, yet modern take on the hotel experience that offers our guests a taste of the composer’s remarkable life, his relationships and his unique life story.

More than just a

wonderful hotel

Restaurant & bar

In our renowned historic building, originally built as a bank, we are very excited to be opening a new luxury hotel with a restaurant, bar, classic café, meeting rooms and banqueting facilities.

Meetings & events

Our ambition is to attract both travelers and locals, into a haven of music, entertainment and diverse cultural experiences – to showcase what Bergen truly has to offer in addition to our own special events.


What better place to celebrate your wedding than between the majestic marble columns of our main hall? Make your special day something to truly remember – remember to book in advance!

65 classic, yet contemporary

Rooms & suites

Opus 16 offers you 65 unique and luxurious rooms located in the very heart of Bergen. Each room is individually designed with classic yet modern design and interiors.

The unique architecture allows us to have an excellent variety of rooms and room layouts facing different streets and sights in Bergen. Enjoy the view towards Mount Fløyen or stay in a room overlooking the quiet plaza of Vågsallmenningen.

Our wish is to preserve cultivate the unique identity of the building and its history as well as to make your stay with us something to remember.

Do not hesitate to

Contact us

Vågsallmenningen 16
5014 Bergen, Norway
P.O. Box 709, Sentrum
N-5807 Bergen, Norway
Facebook: @hotel.opusxvi
Instagram: @opusxvi
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